Activities in Dubai

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When it comes to entertainment and adventure paradise, Dubai remains a leading destination for adventurous travelers. With an exceptional collection of parks, aquariums and encounters with Arab culture, you can be sure that every visit will offer a unique experience.

Magical desert adventures

Start your stay with an exhilarating journey into the vastness of the desert. A typical excursion includes a camel ride over the sandy dunes, a sandboarding session and an amazing falconry demonstration. Watching the spectacular suns ets over the dunes is a moment that will remain etched in your memory.

Hiking to the top of the dunes

One of the simple but profound pleasures is to walk on top of the dunes. The panoramic view over the immense mystical landscapes of golden sand is truly breathtaking.

Impressive aquariums and underwater zoos

Dubai's aquariums are among the largest and most impressive in the world. They are home to a fascinating variety of marine creatures, including sharks, sea lions and penguins. These visits are ideal for family fun, especially if the trip includes an educational outing for the kids.

Manner to meet aquatic animals

Some experiences even allow visitors to experience up-close moments with these incredible creatures. Whether it's swimming with dolphins or diving into shark cages, these interactive activities are always awe-inspiring.

Luxurious stores and gigantic shopping malls

Dubai is famous for its love of high-end, luxury shopping. Fantastic malls such as the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates offer an extraordinary selection of brand-name boutiques, cinemas and gourmet restaurants.

Global fashion showcases

Whether you're looking for designer clothes, sparkling jewelry or high-tech gadgets, you'll find almost everything in these superb shopping complexes. It's also here that you can access some of the city's most innovative contemporary art exhibitions.

Relaxation and entertainment in the water parks

For those looking to escape the heat, waterparks are a wonderful escape option. Vertiginous slides, relaxing pools and exciting water games await visitors of all ages. Aquaventure Park and Wild Wadi Park are two of Dubai's most popular aquatic destinations.

Admire the splendor of the Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is a must-see when visiting Dubai. Stretching majestically over 30 acres, this fountain dances to the rhythm of various pieces of music, producing a breathtaking light show that commands admiration.

Exceptional cruising experiences

Another exciting way to discover Dubai is to embark on a leisurely cruise around its pristine waters. Many tours offer the opportunity to dine on board as you cruise past some of the city's most iconic landmarks.

Diving into Arab culture

Dubai offers great opportunities to discover and celebrate the rich Arabian culture. You can attend traditional dance performances, sample the finest local cuisine or explore the city's magnificent historic sites.

In short, any trip to Dubai would be incomplete without considering trying out at least some of these fabulous attractions. There is truly something for everyone in this dynamic and vibrant metropolis.